Carton and Cup Filling Machine

All components in each Cup Filling Machine are (AISI304) and all cup fillers product contact parts are (AISI316). Quality stainless steel and comply with sanitary regulations. high accuracy volumetric filling with special and flexible non drip filling nozzles. Adjustable speed control by driver in electrical panel that is equipped by touch – sensitive screen PLC. Special designed for heavy duty work environment. Full mechanical running system does not need either compressor or compressed air plug’n run feature (connect the plug, press the start button and go).

Cup Filling Machine – Model 1M

  • Capacity 2.000 pcs / per hour
  • Compressed air non required
  • Able to run with 220 volt (1 or 3 phase)
  • Frequency 60 hz
  • Cup size  95mm dia. preformed
  • Dimensions 1600 x 1400 x 1100 mm
  • Weight 320 kg

Cup Filling Machine – Model 1P

  • Capacity 2.000 pcs / per hour
  • Compressed air 810 nm3 / hour at 7 bar
  • Able to run with 220 volt ( 1 or 3 phase)
  • Frequency 60 hz
  • Cup size 95mm dia. preformed
  • Dimensions 800 x 750 x 1100 mm
  • Weight 220 kg

Carton Filling Machine

Three carton filling machine models to choose from:
  1. Mini cross section – 118ml ,177ml , 236ml.  4 fl.oz , 6fl.oz , 8 fl.oz
  2. Standard cross section – 250ml ,500ml , 1000ml.  half pint ,pint, quart
  3. 2-liter cross section – 2000 ml. / half gallon
Carton Filling Machine Features
  • Stainless steel frame (no metal to rust)
  • Principal movements are mechanical vs. pneumatic
  • Sanitary contact parts
  • Control panel with PLC system
  • Available with HEPA filtration system enabling extended shelf life (ESL)
  • Available with fitman cap applicator
  • Available with code dater
  • Capable of operating at speeds up to 3,000 cartons/ hour
  • Vacuum pump ,air blower to heating systems inside the machine
  • AISI 304 pneumatic valve for product inlet
  • Flowmeter filter (easy to clean and sanitary grade)
  • Defoamer kit with tank
  • Technical manual
  • Hot printer of code date
  • Chain junction for belt conveyor
  • Central automatic lubrication system
  • Mandrel disinfection system (to spray H²O² and dry before start production)
  • Filtered laminar air-flow unit for hygienic over pressure
  • Double wall insulated product tank
  • Spare parts kit for one year 2.000 hours