COP Cleaning Wash Tank

Stainless steel wash tanks

The wash tank can wash parts, including piping, fittings, gaskets, valves or valve parts, filler parts and surfaces such as guides or shields, tank vents, tray pack, grinders, pumps, and product handling utensils may be cleaned all at once rather than individually which can be a time saver, detergent and agitation are used to clean the parts

C.O.P (clean out of place)

The COP Tank can be stationary or portable size up to 144 ” x 24″ x 22″ x 40″ heavy duty steel frame construction. Durable stainless steel construction to handle high temperatures and chemical concentrations for washing parts of all shapes and sizes

COP tanks are designed to safely and efficiently clean fittings, machine parts, valves and tubes in a recirculating wash tank that provides continuous, turbulent, rolling, jet action. Versatility and cleaning effectiveness are provided by employing side jets, end jets or a combination of both by opening or closing valves in the supply manifolds

Optional features:
  • Heavy duty casters
  • stainless steel pipe rack
  • small parts baskets
  • push – pull end jets
  • motor starter