Industrial Mixers and Blenders

SUSA USA supplies a variety of industrial mixers and blenders, for dairy plants, food processing, and more.


Industrial Grade Mixer

Powder Mixers are available in five different sizes with liquid flow rates up to 75,000 liters/19,800 gallons per hour.


Industrial Grade Blender

Emulsifying / Blending Systems are designed for thorough dissolving and dispersing of solids / semi-solids and dry ingredients into liquids.

Liquifier Blenders

SUSA USA Emulsifying / Blending Systems Are Designed For Thorough Dissolving And Dispersing Of Solids, Semi-Solids And Dry Ingredients Into Liquids. They are designed To Put Products Into Solution, Not Just Suspension For Complete Hydration And Liquification.

Powder / Liquid Blender

Powder / Liquid Blender are available In Five Different Sizes With Liquid Flow Rates Up To 75,000 Liters/19,800 Gallons Per Hour. Selection Of A System Is Dependent Upon Liquid Flow Rates And Quantity Of Dry Materials To Be Integrated.

Ribbon Blenders

Standard design Ribbon Blenders range up to 50 cubic feet, and larger designs are available on application. Motor drives are available up to 75 horsepower. Heavy duty drives and gear reducers can be designed for dead-load starting.

Stainless Steel Colloid Mill

Stainless Steel Colloid Mills are available in several standard designs as well as custom-tailored designs.