Cheese Making Equipment

SUSA USA manufactures cost effective, high quality cheese making equipment. Whether you are looking for a cheese vat, a cheese press or a cheese mold, we have a solution for you. Most of all, SUSA USA is able to deliver custom-tailored cheese making equipment to your specific requirements.

Cheese Vats

Cheese vats from SUSA USA are designed to meet the customers desire for a more efficient cheese vat to produce your cheese at a lower cost. Equipment you will be proud to own.

  • Inner Pan – 14 or 16 gauge stainless steel with 2B or #4 finish
  • Outer Jacket – All welded stainless steel
  • Intermediate Jacket – All welded stainless steel
  • Sanitary top rail
  • Adjustable sanitary legs
  • Both sides and ends are insulated against heat loss for better control and no hot spots or uncooked curds.

Cheese Press

Cheese press from SUSA USA provides a practical way for the curd pressing operation. Our cheese presses save floor space and excessive labor.

  • Our A-frame cheese press are a cost effective proven simple design for most popular size hoops
  • Cheese press capacity can be custom designed by number of cylinders and amount of cheese molds used.
  • Our slanting a-frame cheese press design provides the best draining from each cheese hoop thru bottom collector that accumulates whey and drains to one end
  • Our quality long life air cylinders ensure constant even pressure to each cheese press section.
  • The cheese stacks are secure and require no additional locking device or bracing.

Cheese Molds

SUSA USA manufacture stainless steel, wilson style cheese hoops, which are available in most popular sizes.