Filling Machines

SUSA USA manufactures and supplies a variety of high quality filling machines for food and beverage industry, dairy plants and more.

Our filling machine line include:

  • Bottle Filling Machines
  • Carton and Cup Filling Machines
  • Septic Bag Filling Machine
  • Automatic Co—Extruded Film Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling Machines
  • Aseptic Brick Filling Machine.

 SUSA USA manufactures standard and custom-tailored Bottle Filling Machines for carbonated beverages and non-carbonated beverages. Each Bottle Filling Machine is all-in-one rinsing, filling and capping so you do not need a separate rinsing machine or bottle capping machine.

All components in each Cup Filling Machine SUSA USA manufactures are (AISI304) and all cup fillers product contact parts are (AISI316). Quality stainless steel and comply with sanitary regulations. high accuracy volumetric filling with special and flexible non drip filling nozzles.

SUSA USA Aseptic Filling Machines were engineered for sterilization and efficiency. Our aseptic filling machine line, include, Aseptic Bag Filling Machine, Automatic Co-Extruded Film Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling Machine and Aseptic Brick Filling Machine.