Industrial Stainless Steel Kettle

For quality products from batch processing, rely on a high quality industrial Stainless Steel Kettle from SUSA USA. When you need to mix, blend, dissolve or suspend ingredients while you cook or cool the food, check your process specifications with the engineers at SUSA USA. We manufactures stainless steel, steam and water jacketed, industrial kettles in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to serve as stand alone processors or as feeders to continuous processing lines. While each variation answers specific process requirements, common to all models is SUSA USA hallmark of craftsmanship in stainless steel sanitary vessels.


Stainless Steel Kettle

Quality construction for rugged used, easy cleaning kettle body, jacket, mixer support bridge and agitators are manufactured to the latest ASME codes in type 304 stainless steel standard. For special applications, other materials are available as options. capacities range from 50 to 1000 gallons; special sizes are quoted on request. Product outlets can be specified in a variety of sanitary fittings. optional flush and clamp-on valves also can be specified. For processing ingredients that are viscous or otherwise difficult to pump, tilting kettle configurations are available for easy pouring. Hydraulic dumping packages are available that lift out mixer assembly while tilting the kettle. Kettle rims are reinforced to stand up to heavy use. Rugged, tubular legs are fitted with adjustable ball feet. floored flanges are an optional specification. A 180 grit finish is polished into the interior and exterior of the kettle. both meet all known sanitary standards and are easy to clean. Other mechanical or electropolishing options also available. Quality performance for consistent batches, quality products.

The jacket provides excellent temperature exchange to the top of the hemisphere. The standard jacket is constructed to contain 50 psi. Higher pressures are quoted on request.

An extensive selection of agitators, blenders and scrapers enable you to match your process and product viscosity with the appropriate action. each is design for quick removal for easy cleaning.

The primary agitator, centered in the kettle, continually moves product away from heat transfer surface of the kettle for even, thorough cooking or cooling. when a secondary agitator is employed, the scraper fingers of the primary move product right into the path of the secondary for maximum blending effect.


    Motorized Kettles

    A single speed motor provides power for the mixer. Optional variable speed drives offer process flexibility

    Whether in design, raw material selection, fabrication or application, our experience in the continuous and batch process technologies and batch process technologies of the food, confection and cosmetic industries insures the quality to every product that bears our name.

    Our kettles as well as all our equipment have:

    • A skillful factory staff of design, application and systems engineers
    • Complete systems capabilities
    • Asme certified factory with asme field service repair capabilities
    • Available to meet standards published by 3A, FDA, USDA and BISSC
    • Field service installation and maintenance staff available
    • Complete domestic and international sales force for full customer service