Ribbon Blenders

Standard design Ribbon Blenders range up to 50 cubic feet, and larger designs are available on application. Motor drives are available up to 75 horsepower. Heavy duty drives and gear reducers can be designed for dead-load starting.

Specially engineered designs can be constructed to suit particular applications, such as this savery usa model. This is a double ribbon blender/dryer, constructed in stainless steel, the unit can be designed for vacuum, pressure, heating and cooling and includes two inspection doors and a special clutch for starting while under full load.

  • Specifications can be altered to meet special requirements
  • Trough materials can be constructed from carbon steel, all grades of stainless steel, and special alloys
  • Special finishes available on internal and external surfaces
  • complete electrical control panels and motor starter packages (NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9, or 12)
  • Paddle mixer designs available
  • Dimple, double-wall, or half-pipe trough jackets for heating, cooling, or drying applications
  • ASME code stamped as required
  • Safety grating on top of the trough for safe loading of materials
  • Vacuum trough construction for drying or deaerating
  • Fixed or variable speed drives
  • TEFC or explosion-proof motor
  • Side entering high speed choppers
  • Discharge valves available as slide gate, knife gate, flush bottom ball, or plug
  • Manual or pneumatic discharge valve operation
  • Tilt to discharge design
  • Spray systems for liquid addition
  • Double trough/mixer designs